Save Money

Our corrugated pallets cost less than wood pallets, which immediately improves the bottom-line.

Reduce Damage

Our corrugated pallets reduce the incidence of product damage caused by broken or shattered wood pallets.

Lower Weight

Our corrugated pallets are 65% to 75% lighter, making them easier to handle and move and less costly to transport.

Improve Safety

Our corrugated pallets are 100% splinter, nail and mould-free, which helps improve worker health and safety.

Protect the Environment

Our corrugated pallets are 100% recyclable and reduce carbon (CO²) emissions in the supply chain.

No Additional SlipSheet

Our corrugated pallets do not require an additional slip sheet.

In addition, our corrugated pallets:

  • Perform extremely well per ASTM 1185 standard racking and static tests.
  • Are ISPM 15 Compliant for global shipping.
  • Are efficiently and cost-effectively manufactured using Automated Equipment.
  • Can be treated with a Water Resistant coating for added durability and strength in extremely humid or moist conditions.
  • Can be manufactured with a 4th Runner or with Triple Wall Deck Sheets for clients who are stacking small boxes, uneven loads, bags, FIBC loads, or shipments in excess of 6000 lbs.